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When Wendy was little, we made sure to teach her how to treat books. When she was at Head Start, how to treat books was a lesson that was reviewed every day. I’ve noticed a trend going on inside bookstores.

I was at a bookstore the other day (not my store. It was Borders). A mom wanted to walk around and look at books without dragging her kiddo along. So, she said the kiddo down in the kids section and pulled a book off the shelf for the kiddo to look at. Kiddo looked through the book and dropped it on the floor. He then grabs another book off the shelf and does the same thing. This goes on for 10 minutes or so. The mom comes back, grabs the kid and walks off. She just left all the books sitting on the floor! I couldn’t believe it. It isn’t that difficult to put a book back on a bookshelf. If you pull a book off, there will be an empty spot on the shelf just big enough for that book. You can’t take 10 seconds to put the books back up?


Here in California, we are often subjected to this little known phenomenon known as earthquakes. (I guess the east coast is subject to them, now.)  Because we live in earthquake country, many of the elementary schools here ask that parents provide an earthquake kit for their child/ren. We are supposed to pack some non-perishable snacks, a drink or two (something like the canned pineapple juice), some small toys, and a sweater or a sweatshirt. It all gets packed into a gallon size ziploc bag and stored at school. The school returns them at the end of the year. We send these kits into school so that on the off chance that there is an earthquake during school hours and it takes some time for the parents to pick up the kids, the kids will have some snacks and something to play with. Last year, I went to a few different grocery stores to get what I needed for Wendy’s earthquake kit. This year, Albertson’s was selling premade earthquake kits. It cost a little bit more than what it would be if I assembled it myself, but the convenience of having it already done for me was worth the price.

Wendy's earthquake kit


I removed some of the food from the premade kit so that there was room for a sweatshirt, a book, and some small toys. It will go to school with Wendy tomorrow.

Today was the first day of 2nd grade for Wendy. I can’t believe she is in the 2nd grade already. It still doesn’t seem possible. When we got to school, we had to wait for the gates to open. When it was finally time for the gates to open, I walked with Wendy to her classroom. Her teacher was not there yet. I think she had playground duty. Wendy hung up her backpack, posed for two pictures, and then she was off to play with friends. I had to chase her down to get a goodbye kiss. I asked her if she wanted me to stay for a bit, and she gave me a look that said “I can’t believe you are still here, Mom. What ARE you still doing here?” This was a big change from last year when she started  1st grade. Last year, I almost had to pry her off my leg so that I could leave the school. What a difference a year makes.

Wendy walking to school


I am excited to hear how her first day of school went.

It has been crazy in the Johnson household for the last couple of days. And not crazy in the Patsy Cline way. Just plain crazy. Let’s see if I can recap what has been going on.

On Friday, my good friend Holly and her son, R, came down for a visit. I met Holly when I was living with my exhusband in Germany. She was there with her exhusband, as well. We were Army wives. We met when I started working at a little shop on post, Kaethe Wohlfahrts. We bonded over pregnant bellies. Apparently (and I don’t remember this at all [I must have been in that newborn baby fog at the time] but it totally sounds like something I would do), I took her through the baby section at the PX and went through what she would need and what she shouldn’t waste her money on. I left a couple of months after Wendy was born, and several weeks before R was born. We kept in contact through emails and instant messages. In 2010, Don Johnson transfered out to Southern California. By this time, I  knew that Holly was back in her hometown. I emailed her and sought her advice on where to look for apartments and where to avoid. We were excited to know that after several years, we were only about an hour and a half from each other. We promised to try to get together as soon as we could. As Holly put it, weeks turned into months and months turned into over a year. It seemed that whenever we drove through Holly’s town, she was out of town. And when she came down this way, we were out of town. Last Friday, when I finally had a day off, I invited Holly and the kiddo down for a visit, and Holly said that she’d love to come down.

When they got here, Wendy and R played in her room and got along swimmingly. It was like they’d known each other for years. This gave Holly and I a chance to catch up and chat. When we all got hungry, we packed up and headed to the store to get some picnic supplies. Then we headed down to the beach. It was a little windy and cool, but that didn’t stop us. We plunked down our blankets and had a nice little picnic on the beach. Wendy and R wanted to get their feet wet, and they did. I think Holly may have put her toes in the water, but I did not get my toes wet.

After the picnic, it was time to pack up and head back to our place so that Holly and R could have one last potty break before heading home (she wanted to avoid some of the holiday traffic, but she still got stuck in some of it). Wendy and R, being the little hams that they are, convinced us to take some pictures of them. R kept saying “ok, just one more picture.” So, Holly and I would take one more picture. As they were leaving, R gave Wendy a big hug and said “Wendy, I might marry you.” Too cute. Wendy then ran to her room and waved from her windon.

It was so good to see Holly again and to finally meet R in person. If you’d like to see pictures, you can visit Holly’s blog Bring on the Holly . We all had a good time, and hopefully, it won’t be another year+ before we get together again.

I’ve worked the last 4 days in a row, so I am looking forward to my days off. Tonight, I came home to a nice dinner. That was nice. Work was crazy today since we had some people from corporate coming to visit. The last two or three days have consisted of everyone running around cleaning everything they possibly can in the store. The visit went well, and everyone can relax now. Thank goodness that is over.

Wendy starts school on Thursday. She’s going to be in the second grade. I can’t believe it. I don’t quite know if she is excited about it or not. We shall see.

I haven’t seen any new movies recently. Don Johnson was on daddy duty this weekend while I was at work. He and Wendy got to have a dad-daughter date on Saturday. He took her out to lunch and then to see Kung Fu Panda 2. From what I hear, it was a pretty decent sequel. I wouldn’t know since I didn’t get to go see it! I love that the two of them are close and can have an enjoyable afternoon out on a “date.” I absolutely love watching the two of them interact and play with each other. She and I are so lucky to have stumbled upon Don Johnson. We love him.

Fall is upon us now. You can’t tell by the weather, but there is a sure fire way to know when fall has arrived. Pumpkin spice lattes. Fall has officially arrived when Starbucks rolls out the PSL. I think the PSL is one of my all time favorite drinks that the ‘Bux makes. I will drink it and the Caramel Apple Spice until December. And then I’ll alternate with the eggnog lattes. I am a summer girl through and through, but there is something about the chill in the air that I love. Perhaps I should request a place where the leaves change colors for Don Johnson’s next place of work. I enjoyed my first PSL of the season today as a reward for surviving the visit from corporate. Fall in a cup. Yum.

I think that should about catch everyone up. Oh yes, I hope that all of my friends and family in the central Texas area continue to stay safely out of the paths of the fires that are happening there. I hope the state of Texas gets everything under control soon. Love you guys!

À bientôt


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