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Posted on: October 18, 2011

It finally started to feel like fall today. There was a chill in the air when I walked Wendy to school. The chill wasa nice. California has been experiencing a bit of an Indian Summer the last couple of days. The heat kinda sucked at work since our store is always so hot. I have no idea why the air conditioning doesn’t work in our store.

In honor of the of the cooler weather this morning, we’re having some minestrone soup for dinner and homemade apple pie for dessert. Yum.

Wednesday evening, Wendy had her first cheerleading practice. This was actually the 3rd practice, but we missed the
first two since no one bothered to call us to let us know when and where the
practice was. Wendy was beyond excited. She was having a grand ole time running
around with the other little girls. She was a little lost at the beginning of
the practice, but by the end she was cheering along with the best of them. She
has another practice on Friday night, and her first game on Saturday morning. I’m
a little sad that I won’t get to see her cheer in her first game since I have
to work. I plan to ask for one of the upcoming Saturdays off, so that I can cheer
her on at a game.

After practice yesterday, Wendy exclaimed that cheerleading
was the best sport ever! It beats out swimming, running, walking, and softball.
She has been running around “cheering” since we got home Wednesday night. I now
have “G-O, let me hear you say Go. GO!” stuck in my head. I wonder how long
that will be running around in my head.

I believe that the girls will be getting their uniforms on
Friday night so that they have them for the game on Saturday. While Wendy is
excited about the uniform, there is one thing that she is really and truly
excited about, the quintessential piece of cheerleader equipment. The pompom.
She cannot wait to get her hands on one.

On Monday, I had a rare day off at the same time as Wendy
and Don Johnson. It was so nice to be able to sleep in on my day off and not
have to get up to take Wendy to school. Most of the day, we just relaxed at the
house, but we did want to get out and do something. So, Don Johnson started
looking up harvest festivals and pumpkin patches in the area. When he found one
he liked, we loaded up the truck and headed off.

We were headed to the Pierce College Harvest Festival in
Topanga. Don Johnson decided to take the scenic route, and we drove through the
Topanga Canyon. Breathtaking. It was so pretty. It reminded me of driving
through the smaller mountains in Colorado to get from Springs to Montrose and
Ouray. Then, we hit some of the switchbacks near the end of the road through
the Canyon, and I was really reminded of Colorado. I don’t like switchbacks at

Once we found the place, we were a tad disappointed. The area
itself was a decent size, but nothing was open at the festival. There were a
bunch of booths and activities, but no one was there to run them. We’d thought
that since it was a holiday that people would be out and about, but apparently,
it was only Wendy’s school district that was out for Columbus Day. The corn
maze was open, so we paid the admission and dove in. There is a difference
between a California corn maze and a Texas corn maze. Our last Halloween in
Texas, we went to Sweetberry Farms in Marble Falls. They had a huge corn maze
in the shape of Texas. (Yes, Texans are so proud of our state that we make
mazes in the shape of it. It’s such an iconic shape, how could we not?) You get
tossed into the maze with a card to find the different markers throughout the
maze. The year we went, you had to find where the major lakes were. If you
found all of the markers and got your card punched, you got a drink at the end
of the maze. No maps. No help. You just go.

The California corn maze, on the other hand, was completely
different. First off, it was a picture of a bee and a flower with the phrase “Bee
Green.” Secondly, they gave us a map so that we could find the different
markers in the maze. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it defeat the
whole purpose of a maze if you are given a map to find your way? And last but
certainly not least, we got diddly squat after coming out of the maze. Nada. Zip.
Zilch. Bupkis. No soda or popcorn or water for finding all of the markers. We
were a little disappointed, but what could we do. We wanted to try the haunted
corn maze, but it was closed.

After the maze, we picked out two pumpkins and then decided
to head home. We stopped to grab some dinner at the Jack in the Box. We had a completely frustrating time there. Our JITB at home already has the eggnog
milkshakes. I decided that I wanted one. We tried to order it, but the guy at
the drive through had no clue what we were talking about. So, I left JITB
disappointed. I’ll just grab one later, I suppose.

When we were coming in to the festival, we’d seen a sign for
the scenic outlook. So, on the way out, we pulled in and looked out across the
city. It was nice. After a couple of minutes of looking at the view and
laughing at the lady hopping around on the bouncy kangaroo shoe things, we
loaded back up and headed towards home again.

We’d driven just a few minutes when we crossed Mulholland
Drive. After a short debate, Don Johnson decided to drive down Mulholland Dr
because how often do you get the chance to do that. Let’s remember that we live
in Los Angeles where Mulholland Dr is located, so the chance to drive down it
is significantly higher than people who are just visiting. We did not get to
drive down the curvy part of it, but the fact remains that we did, in fact,
drive on Mulholland Drive.

Wow, it’s been almost a month since I had some time to sit down and update. Okay, truth is, there hasn’t been much going on other than work (for me and Don Johnson) and school (for Wendy). Our days pretty much consist of me taking Wendy to school, then going to work. Don Johnson goes to work. We all get home and then try to figure out what to have for dinner. Then, we all go to bed. Our manny picks Wendy up from school on the days that I work. She enjoys having him watch her after school. They have a joint love for Phineas and Ferb, which is great because I don’t particularly care for the show. You’d be surprised at the number of people who are shocked that I have a male babysitter. Men are just as capable of taking care of a child as women are. I had male babysitters when I was growing up. That may be why I don’t have any problems with the idea of a man babysitting Wendy.

While I’m on the subject of men and babysitting, has anyone read this post on Rants from Mommyland, Foreign and Domestic Enemies of the Involved Dad? He makes a point that I feel everyone needs to remember. When you are the dad, it is not considered babysitting! When you are the dad, it is parenting. Plain and simple. No one ever says that I’m babysitting Wendy. Oh yeah, it’s because I’m not. Don Johnson doesn’t babysit Wendy. He parents her and takes care of her when I’m not around to do it. I don’t pay him to take care of her because he is her parent. I do always try to check and make sure that Don Johnson is okay with being on dad duty because it’s the polite thing to do given that he didn’t give birth to Wendy. He always steps up to the plate and does what a dad needs to do. He’ll be doing lots of fun dad type stuff with Wendy for the next several weekends.

Wendy is registered for cheerleading. She is supposed to have her first practice this weekend. She is beyond excited. Wendy has been teling everyone that she ‘just can’t wait’ for cheerleading to start. She also thought it was pretty neat when I told her that I was a cheerleader once (just for a year) and her Nana and Grandmama were both cheerleaders, too. I’ll have to make sure to ask for a Saturday off sometime at the end of October/beginning of November to see her cheer at one of the flag football games.

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