Living With Don Johnson

My favorite teachers

Posted on: August 22, 2012

As the school year approaches, everyone seems to be heading down memory lane and talking about their favorite teachers. I don’t know that I’ve ever done that before, so I figured that I’d might as well try my hand at it.

I’ve had lots of great teachers throughout my educational lifetime. And I’ve had teachers who weren’t so great. There are two who I’d like to highlight, Mr. Fix and Kim.

Mr. Fix was my 8th grade history teacher. We had just moved to Texas from Washington states, and I didn’t really know anyone yet. Mr. Fix had a way of making each student feel important. I wasn’t the bravest student in the class. I was shy and usually had to be called upon before I would speak up in class. There were lessons in self confidence and bravery that weren’t on the lesson plans. Everyone I have ever talked to who had Mr. Fix as a teacher always speaks highly of him. A few years later, my brother, Doug, had Mr. Fix for history in the 8th grade. And Doug felt the same way about Mr. Fix as my mom did. Mr. Fix was the inspiration behind Doug wanting to be a history teacher. And he was looking forward to doing that this year. Every single student who went through Mr. Fix’s class had a favorite project. My favorite project was the history presentation. Each student had to create a person from a specific time period. We also had to create the entire history for our character. And then we had to present our character to the class. We got bonus points for dressing up and using props. It was such a fun project.

Kim was my aerobics teacher at CTC. I remember being nervous the first day of class because I was not an athletic kid. I used marching band as my PE credit in high school. My mom had been in Kim’s class a few semesters before and had mentioned to Kim that I’d be in her class.  After class, I mentioned to my mom that I didn’t think she knew who I was. She mentioned it to Kim, and the next class, as we were doing crunches, Kim said “I know who you are.” Kim loved what she was doing. And she showed us that love every day in class. You can’t help but get excited when you’ve got a bubbly blonde at the front of the gym bouncing around. She made exercise fun. And somewhere along the way, I became a teacher’s pet (TP). I’m still TP to her.

I loved going to classes with Mr. Fix and Kim. Learning was fun, and I learned more than just what was on the lesson plans each day. I learned a lot about myself in their classes. I can only hope and pray that as Abigail continues on her education, she has teachers like Mr. Fix and Kim. Teachers who become friends and remain friends long after you step out of their classroom.


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