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Movie Review

Posted on: October 20, 2012

Okay, time for a movie review since it has been awhile. We have had lots of company over the last couple of weeks, so we have seen a few movies. My mom and dad (Nana and Popsi) came for a visit the first weekend in October. And the Darling boys just left after a week stay with us.

Para-Norman: We took Wendy to see this one sometime in September. It was kinda cute. There were some scary moments for Wendy, but nothing too bad. Not as good as other movies we’ve seen recently.

Hotel Transylvania: Nana and Popsi went to see this with us. I thought it was really cute. I know that some reviews have been so-so. But, we all enjoyed this one. Wendy didn’t get too scared. The characters are voiced by some big names in the movies. We may or may not be quoting from this movie all the time. If you’ve got a grade schooler and want to take them to a light hearted Halloween related movie, this would be my choice.

Franken-weenie: I was really skeptical about this movie. I’m not a big Tim Burton fan, so I really didn’t want to see it. But, we had all of the Darling children, so we needed a movie that everyone could see. Let me just say that this one is my favorite out of the three “cartoonish” Halloween related movies. The black and white motif adds to the movie. Wendy cried during the movie. Several times. I teared up some, too. I don’t know if she was crying because it was just a sad part of the movie or if she was thinking about her Uncle Doug. She wasn’t inclined to talk about it, so I wasn’t going to push the issue. Although, I will say damn you Tim Burton, did you really have to do it twice? Once was bad enough, but to do it again in the same movie? We’ve also been quoting this movie throughout the week. But, it is always the same character. We all quote Edgar. Don Johnson does the voice the best.

Taken 2: I hadn’t seen Taken, so I didn’t really want to see this one. Well, even if I had seen part 1, I don’t think I would have watched this one. The John and Michael picked this one because they didn’t want to see something scary. All in all, if you’ve ever seen one action movie, you’ve already seen this movie. The plot and action scenes were all predictable. You will have the end of the movie figured out as you’re watching the opening credits.

Paranormal Activity 4: I did jump a few times while watching this with Don Johnson and the Darling boys. The filming and story line don’t really deviated from the original, but if you’ve watched the others, might as well watch this one. The entire movie seemed like a giant set up for a big 5th movie, but we’ll see how that goes.

What we will be seeing soon:

Alex Cross: I want to see this because I’ve read all of the Alex Cross books. Don Johnson wants to see it because he thinks it looks cool. I’m a little wary of Tyler Perry playing the title character considering that Alex Cross was previously played by Morgan Freeman. Those are some decent sized shoes to fill.

Sinister: This is the one I wanted to see when we went and saw Taken 2. I think it looks rather creepy, and I’m hoping that I’ll jump a few times.

Here Comes the Boom: This one just looks like a good story.

Pitch Perfect: I like Glee and musical theater. It looks like it might be worth the price of a matinee.

Atlas Shrugged 2: So only I want to see this one. I don’t know if I’ll actually get a chance to see it in the theaters or not. Part 1 is on Netflix, so I’m hoping that Part 2 will wind up on Netflix as well. Atlas Shrugged is one of my favorite books, and I enjoyed part 1.


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